For Members Papers and Slides from the Amsterdam Conference

Nicholas Bala, Children Resisting Contact & High Conflict Families: Recognizing the Limits of Law (PowerPoint)

Adrienne Barnett, Families Across Frontiers – How the 1980 Hague Child Abduction Convention Entraps Women in Personal Life (PowerPoint)

Rachel Birnbaum and Nicholas Bala, Views of the Child Reports: The Ontario Pilot Project – Research Findings and Recommendations (Paper)  [Slides]

Ingrid Boone, How many parents can one child have?: The Low Countries’ approach to intentional multi-parent families (PowerPoint)

Ruth Deech, Reality, Reform, Resistance (PowerPoint)

Elena Faletti, Protecting children affected by Atypical Gender Identity Organization: the comparative legal perspective (Paper)

Michael Freeman, From Aspiration to Reality: Children’s Rights in the Making (Paper)

J. van der Hoeven and W.J. Eusman, The advice of the Government Committee on the Reassessment of Parenthood (PowerPoint)

Mai Ishijima, Possibility of Current Family Law – Considering the Procedure to Alter Legal Gender Status (PowerPoint)

Hiroko Ito, The Recent Japanese Situation on Parenthood: Adherence to Tradition or the World Standard (PowerPoint)

Zdeňka Králíčková, Same Sex Families and the Right to Respect for Private and Family Life (Slides PDF)

Yuk King Lau, Family Impact Analysis of the Proposed Legislation—Children Proceedings (Parental Responsibility) Bill in Hong Kong (Paper)

Patrick Parkinson, When Children Love Both Parents (PowerPoint)

Columba del Carpio Rodríguez, Family Realities: The Experience of the Judicial Power of Peru (Paper) [Slides PDF]

Patricia Sanches, Transgender Families in Brazil: The paradox of rights’ evolution and the transphobic epidemic (Paper)

Kirsten Scheiwe, Legal rules on the exercise of joint parental responsibility – jointly or individually? A comparative approach to the law and its impact on bargaining power (Slides PDF)

Edward Stein, Marriage and Sexual Fidelity (PowerPoint)

Frederik Swennen, Coupledom versus Parenthood: Towards a recognition of Platonic Parenting (PowerPoint)

Alicja Szczypka, The Programme ‘500+’ (Paper)

Flávio Tartuce, The Principle of Affection in the Brazilian Superior Courts (Slides PDF)

Nicola Taylor, New Zealand’s 2014 Family Law Reforms & their Evaluation (PowerPoint)

Fumio Tokotani, Child Abuse, Child Protection, and Adoption in Japan (Slides PDF)

Lynn Wardle, Trends, Values, and Changes in Families and Family Law in the USA: Towards Realism, Idealism or Confusion? (Paper) [Slides]

Chen Wei, Zhang Zin & Shi Lei, Empirical Research on Protecting Women’s Property Right in Divorce Property: Liquidating Proceeding in China (Paper)

Stefano Insinga, Nutrition-education’s choices and the best interest of the child in separation and divorce

Ledina Mandija, Are Albanian legal rules on divorce adequate with high-conflict divorces?