Membership Why should I join ISFL?

Family law issues are often not confined to one country or one jurisdiction. 

Marriages or other domestic partnerships between people from different countries are quite common. Families move from one country to another in the course of their lives together, and family members may move to another jurisdiction following relationship breakdown, raising cross-border questions. 

Understanding the family laws of other countries may therefore be important in making choices about where to bring proceedings or in resolving disputes about which jurisdiction will hear the dispute.

Understanding developments and approaches in other countries is also important in devising domestic policies that affect families. It may also assist judges deciding cases. 

While the law of every jurisdiction is different, the various countries of the world are often grappling with similar problems. Creative and effective solutions developed in one country may be adapted for use in another. Problems in legislation or practice in one country may serve as warnings to other jurisdictions about what may not work so well. 

Membership of the ISFL provides you with an instant community of international family law scholars from whom you can learn and with whom you can discuss issues of common concern.

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