Regional conferences  Fifty Years of Evolution in Family Law: A Tribute to Jacqueline Rubellin-Devichi

Lyon, France

24/03/2022 – 25/03/2022

For fifty years, family law, all around the world, has undergone profound upheavals, whether it be marriage and “alternative” forms of life as a couple, divorce and family separations, parental responsibility, filiation, inheritance, adoption, medically assisted procreation, etc.

Sensitive to the social and legal changes of her time, Jacqueline Rubellin-Devichi was keen to decipher them according to an original approach, the theoretical analysis being nourished by the study of practices, the legal reflection being enriched by the contribution of social human sciences, the examination of French law taking all its meaning in the light of comparative law.

These international meetings organized in tribute to her memory will allow academics and young researchers from various disciplines (jurists, sociologists, anthropologists, psychologists), as well as practitioners (magistrates, lawyers, notaries, representatives of the administration, association leaders), to reflect on past and future developments of the family and its law.

Scientific directors:

  • Hubert Bosse-Platière, professeur de droit privé à l’Université de Bourgogne
  • Yann Favier, professeur à l’Université Savoie Mont Blanc
  • Hugues Fulchiron, professeur des universités, conseiller SE à la Cour de cassation, co-directeur du Centre de droit de la famille, Équipe de recherche Louis Josserand, Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3
  •  Adeline Gouttenoire, professeure des universités à l’Université de Bordeaux

Registration fees:

  • 210 euros for the 3 half days for lawyers and professionals
  • Free of charge for teachers-researchers, doctoral students, and students
  • Free of charge for judges

Registration required, within the limit of the number of places available: link to come.

For any information, please contact Mathilde Mosiek, Margot Musson and Marie Pincet: