Regional conferences ISFL Regional Conference, Japan, 2010

University of Tsukuba, Japan

7/11/2010 – 7/11/2010

The theme of this conference was Reconstitution of Modern Families: Recent Developments in Asian Family Law. The notice explained:

“Families in Asian countries are facing with challenges of their reconstitution resulting from:

  • Disintegration of the family due to personal factors such as divorce;
  • Social factors such as changes in economic activity such as redundancy and transfers as well as political factors such as war; and
  • Natural factors such as disintegration of the family due to natural disasters.

In order to grasp the reality of the reconstitution of those separated families and to devise effective methods by which society can realise more streamlined reconstitutions, this  symposium seeks to conduct both legal and academic examination of the reconstitution of families and to explore the common and diverse responses within these Asian countries. It also aims to provide an opportunity to create cooperative relations between academics and practitioners through working on the above issue together.”

The conference was organised by the Japan Society for Socio-Legal Studies on Family Issues and convened by Prof. Satoshi Minamikata.