Forthcoming Conferences South American Regional Conference April 11, 2024


Program – Programa

 09.00 Registration. Acreditaciones.
 9.30-10.30Opening Remarks Palabras de aperturaLeandro Vergara (Dean – Decano UBA), Lidia Hernandez (Director Master in Family Law UBA), Jorge Berbere Delgado (Dir. Sem. Bioét. Y Familia) Frederik Swennen (Pres. ISFL), Ursula Basset (Secr. Gral ISFL)
 10.30 – 11.30Precariousness in conjugal relations Precariedad en la conyugalidadJens Scherpe (Aalborg University) – Legal protection of de facto relationships – Findings in comparative project Erez Aloni (British Columbia University) – Married by default
 11.30 – 12.30 Panoramas Rioplatenses – Precariedad en la familiaGraciela Medina (UBA) Marcos Córdoba (UBA) Beatriz Ramos Cabanellas (UDELAR)
 ⁠12.30 – brunch break/almuerzo
 13.30 – 14.15Precariousness in kinship Precariedad en el parentescoJohn Asland (University of Oslo) – Is fatherhood more than genetics? Frederica Giardini (University of Padua) – Parenthood and minor rights: can the violation of a legal prohibition by an adult have consequences on the minor’s rights? Antonello Miranda (University of Palermo)
Parallel sessions  
14:15- 15:15Session A (English)Katrine K. Fredwal (U. Oslo) – Will the Cohabitation Act gain family? Crystal Welch (Mississippi College School of Law) – Navigating precarious waters: The intersection of family bonds and legal obligations in Mississippi’s family justice system. Samia Bano (University of London) – Multicultural families, precarity, status and English family law  
14:15-15:15Sesión B (español)Luciana Martí (UBA)- Revictimización de infancias vulneradas. Sentencia de Corte IDH Mendoza v. Argentina Karine Boselli (Universidad de Sao Paulo) – Reconocimiento de los vínculos familiares y orden público Carolina Alt Da Silva (Universidad Bagé – Rio Grande do Sul) – Parentalidad desechable: un análisis de la alienación parental y la liquidez de las relaciones familiares Héctor Campos García (PUCP) – El reconocimiento de la paternidad extramatrimonial : reflexiones a partir de la precarización del estado de familia filiatorio
 15.30- 16.15Precariousness in parenthood Precariedad en la parentalidadJune Carbone (University of Minnesotta) – Fatherhood, Family Law and the crisis of boys and men Johanne Clouet (University of Montreal) – Can a child have only two parents ? Thoughts on multiparenting through the lenses of the best interest of the child. Hazel Thomson-Ahye (Senator Trinidad) – International standards of care to alleviate precarity in Family law
 16.15- 17.15Precarious families and precarity in family law  Precariedad en la familia y en el derecho de familiaFrederik Swennen (University of Antwerp) – The precarity of queer families in face of backlash laws in Europe and US Ann Estin (University of Iowa) – Choosing family laws, autonomy and its limits. Marsha Garrison (Brooklyn Law School) – Predicting the future of family law
 17.15-18.00Precariousness in cross border families Precariedad de vínculos familiares transfronterizos Hugues Fulchiron (Corte de Casación Francesa) – Unaccompanied minors: how can we protect the most vulnerable? Christine Bidaud (University of Lyon) – Proof of the individual and family status of people granted protection by the French office for refugees and stateless persons Nazia- Yakub (U. Leeds) – Cross-border parental child abduction: Is there a need for the criminal law to intervene in family proceedings ?
  18:00 – 18:20Closing Conference/Cierre